Solid Wood Trolley

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The first MesaSilla product made for both parents and their little ones. This beautiful wooden kitchen cart provides extra work space, storage and utility to any kitchen and playroom. The removable rail can be used for hanging items or used as a handle. It is also designed to combine with the MesaSilla 2-in-1 tabletop bookrack for added functionality.

※ Lockable casters for higher stability and prevent a rollaway cart.
※ Removable rail for hanging items or use as a handle
※ Firm, sturdy with well-rounded edge for your child’s safety.
※ Made of environmentally friendly solid wood, with eco-friendly water based paint. SGS certified.
※ Unique bow design on both sides of the cart.
※ Able to combine with MesaSilla 2-in-1 tabletop bookrack.

★ Dimension: 60.7 cm (L) x 33.8 cm (W) x 64.7 cm (H)
★ Shelf Height: 16.3 cm (Top), 21.5 cm (Middle), 23.5 cm (Bottom).
★ Weight: 12.4 kg